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ID AntiKeylogger 1.2

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Publisher's Description

ID AntiKeylogger 1.2

ID AntiKeylogger is a utility program created to protect your privacy by preventing reconstruction of your keyboard-use history. It denies access to any spyware application that might try to watch your keyboard, take pictures or read the content of your files.
Main Features:
- Prevents keystroke capturing
- Denies access to spyware
- Offers security signature database
- Stores updated keylogger list
- Protects your privacy and your personal data
Detailed features:
- Protects against spyware programs, prying into your computer. It blocks any application trying to make keystroke, clipboard, or windows text capturing.
- Instant and constant protection of your files. ID AntiKeylogger offers protection anti-spy software, which may try to record and steal your personal data or information, passwords, logins and PIN numbers.
- Monitors and quietly searches for suspicious applications or processes. Using transparent on-the-fly protection, ID AntiKeylogger silently guards and detects possible intruders into your computer's system.
- Prevents outside users to copy or find any of your personal information. It offers double security, by making use of a safe signature database and active heuristic protection.
- ID AntiKeylogger provides an additional Startup Configuration option, making if easier for you to access startup items and run programs or applications.
- Stores a list of keyloggers inside its functioning system. Using this updated keylogger list, ID AntiKeylogger automatically detects more easily spyware trying to connect to your computer and attempting to compromise your personal data.
- ID AntiKeylogger has a simple, easy to use graphic interface, requires a minimum of space on your disk and scans quickly and efficiently for all threats.

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