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FarStone RestoreIT 2013

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FarStone RestoreIT 2013

During installation, RestoreIT creates a Secure Area (RestoreIT Virtual Partition) where it begins monitoring modifications to your hard drive. RestoreIT automatically saves a copy of the sector(s) to the snapshot (restore point) in Secure Area before it is changed.Since RestoreIT records only the changes to your hard drive, it can record frequent snapshots without affecting system performance. RestoreIT Snapshots (or called Restore points) keeps only changes to your hard drive, they require far less disk space than multiple complete backup images. Featuremore, the restoration time is much less than any other backup solution.
Should something go wrong with your system, you can restore entire hard drive or only the Windows partition to a selected snapshot. RestoreIT will restore those sectors that were changed back in time. The result is a complete system restoration. Normally it takes less than 60 seconds to restore a snapshot. Files that existed on your system when the restore point was created will be back on your system, and any virus, malware or system errors introduced since that point will be removed.

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