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avast! Pro Antivirus 7.0

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avast! Pro Antivirus 7.0

Tailoring your antivirus software to what best fits your personal habits has gotten even easier, with avast! Pro Antivirus version 7 offering new cloud-based technologies and simple controls. For example, silent gaming mode means you can play (or surf ) without interruption while Pro Antivirus works silently in the background, without status notifications or changes to system performance.

Hybrid Cloud Technologies

Now you get each virus signature sent to you in real-time via a connection to the AVAST Virus Lab cloud, rather than needing to wait for a traditional database update. Your database will be continuously updated with the latest definitions.

FileRep lets you know whether a file is safe before you open it – determined in part by how many people have the file and how new the file is. The technology is also used internally, to help the scanning engine make more intelligent decisions.

New Protective Features

Suspicious programs are now automatically placed inside the avast! Sandbox. When the program finishes, a comprehensive report is generated and, based on the program’s behavior, you are given a recommendation on how to treat it in the future.

Enabled by a single click of the mouse, it allows you to completely isolate the browser from the rest of the system – even if the browser gets hijacked, your system stays clean.

The version 7 WebRep browser plugins provide greater protection against phishing sites, including heuristics detection of new phishing sites. It can also detect fake/planted SSL certificates, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks against https sites. Browser support has been extended to Apple™ Safari™.

Available only in Pro Antivirus and Internet Security, our SafeZone™, your ultimate clean and secure window for financial transactions, now auto-prompts you move to the SafeZone from your regular browser.

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