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Ad-Aware Pro Security 10.2

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Publisher's Description

Ad-Aware Pro Security 10.2

Ad-Aware Pro Security is a paid upgrade of our Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ version and provides a complete line-of-defense against the most extreme forms of malware and cyber threats. It adds a powerful two-way firewall, an email
protection engine, safe online shopping and banking, advanced web protection as well as our most advanced
detection and threat blocking algorithms.
Ad-Aware Pro Security actively protects you from the most dangerous forms of viruses, spyware, key loggers,
Trojans, password stealers, bots, worms, adware, phishing and drive-by downloads.
With advanced anti-malware technology, minimal strain on system resources and powerful security features, Ad-Aware Pro Security protects your online identities and computers.

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